Hello Dafne users!

Yours truly (Francesco Santini) will travel to Singapore on May 4th to 9th to participate in ISMRM 2024!

For all Dafne users and enthusiasts, I’ll carry with me beautiful merchandise about Dafne and the Basel Muscle MRI (BAMM) group. Come see me during the conference! I will be at the following sessions:

  • The business meeting of the Reproducible Research Study Group on Monday at 08:15
  • The business meeting of the MSK Study Group (I’m the incoming Secretary) on Monday at 16:00
  • Repeat It With Me: Reproducibility Team Challenge on Tuesday at 13:45
  • Open-Source Pipelines for MSK Applications on Thursday at 07:00
  • MRI Skills Development Ensuring a Coding Framework for Success: MRM Code Review Initiative Secret session on Thursday at 09:15

Looking forward to seeing you all!