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Dafne (Deep Anatomical Federated Network) is a collaborative platform to annotate MRI images and train machine learning models without your data ever leaving your machine.


State-of-the-art Muscle MRI segmentation.

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Deep-learning for muscle segmentation.

Dafne integrates deep learning models for the segmentation of the muscles of the lower limbs.



Dafne is free:

  • Free as in “free beer”: you can download and use the program for free

  • Free as in “freedom”: Dafne is licensed under the GNU General Public License: you can see, modify, redistribute the program as you like, as long as you acknowledge us, and you keep the same license.

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Dafne Release 1.3-alpha

With version 1.3, Dafne got a major feature upgrade and code refactoring. Unfortunately, bad news on the funding side.