It took a long time to push a new release of Dafne, but I expect this to be a significant usability improvement, especially for Mac users. Dafne is now packaged as a proper Mac App, with a nice dmg installer, and the possibility of dropping it directly into the Applications folder!

The app is now signed and notarized, which means (apart from the fact that I had to pay Apple for the privilege) that you won’t have to disable the security manager to install it! It was a trickier procedure than expected, but it seems to work in the end. Please let me know if it works for you!

In the context of packaging the app this way, I realized that this kind of apps don’t open a console. Console log information is important for troubleshooting, so I implemented a proper log file system, which should give us useful information in case of bugs. It also looks much nicer in general.

I am now also offering the download of a Linux executable package, so the offer of operating systems is now complete!

Why did it take so long for a new release? Well, the funding that I had for Dafne ended at the end of 2021, so at the moment I am only doing small maintenance in my spare time. However, I have sent a grant proposal for the next 4 years for significant expansion of Dafne, also outside the domain of pure muscle imaging. Keep your fingers crossed that it will be accepted, if it does, there will be exciting developments in 2023!

In the meantime, please enjoy this release (still alpha, as testing is very much needed), downloadable from the Github release page